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At Noosa House of Dance we offer a large variety of classes for ages 18 months to adults.Please read below to find the perfect class for you or contact us for more information. 


Using the fundamentals of Ballet and the influence of Jazz, Contemporary brings 

 expression, feeling and emotion to dance! This genre incorporates technical choreography and a broad variety of music and movement. 


Royal Academy of Dance is an internationally recognised classical Ballet syllabus which offers examinations in both grade levels and vocational levels! R.A.D caters for both girls and boys, and is truly the technique foundation for all forms of dance. 


Kicks, Jumps and Turns! 

Jazz is fun and suitable for all ages, learn exciting jazz steps and choreography to energetic and upbeat pop music! 

This style is energetiic and fun where students learn unique moves, tricky footwork, big leaps and lightning fast turns!




Popping, locking and loads of sass and tude'. Hiphop/Street is all about showing the attitude inside and dancing with hard-hitting passion! Channel your inner Step Up movie character




Musical Theatre is a fun, dynamic and energetic class! Class focus is bringing together the disciplines of singing, acting, and dancing. If you LOVE to act, sing and dance... or want to learn more about it... this class is for you!

7 years + 


This class is perfect for the preschooler who loves a little bit of everything. we combined jazz, ballet, acrobatics and singing in one energetic program. exclusive to NHoD. 



Tippy toes, tutu's and twirls, every little budding ballerinas dream. Tutu's and Twirls is a class that lays the foundation for classical ballet in a fun, imaginative and exciting way. 3-4 years


Acrobatics has the foundations learnt from gymnastics, from forward and backward rolls to cartwheels, handstands, walkovers, backflips and even aerials! Gain confidence and understanding on how to perfect the most exciting tricks correctly. We are an Acrobatic Arts Certified Studio. 


15 years + and Adults only 

Learn to walk and dance in heels.

This class is all about bringing the confidence and having fun in heels

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